El Concepto

 A perfume dedicated to the genuine sentiments and roots of Dolce&Gabbana . Gold is the color that harnesses the sun of Sicily and reflects its precious gleam. For the woman inspired by the magic and warmth of the Mediterranean: a love in love with life. Dolce&Gabbana Sicily is the perfume of Passion.

El Diseño

The Dolce&Gabbana Sicily bottle is solid and substantial, like the Sicilian tradition that inspired this perfume. Made from richly translucent glass, it has a sturdy base and deliberately unadorned lines.  The perfume dominates with the gold color of the sun.



An intensely alluring top note where the sensuality and the heat of the Mediterranean vibrate in unison: the vivacity of Sicilian bergamots embraces the immaculate spontaneity of honeysuckle in a radiant solar symmetry.


At the heart is s shimmering pulse: classical jasmine is infused with the delicate femininity of the black pearl rose set against the poetic echo of hibiscus.


The beguiling base note simmers with seduction. An evocative heliotrope merges with the passion of sandalwood and the sensuality of musky notes in a lingering harmony.